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Yesterday (25), the Kuruduwatta Police reported to Colombo Chief Magistrate Mr. Nandana Amarasinghe that an inquiry has been opened about a teacher from the same school who allegedly abused a young female teacher from a school in the suburbs of Colombo while she was at a nightclub.

The Kuruduwatta police have informed the court that the 25-year-old complainant, a young female teacher, went to a club in Mt Lavinia on the 19th, with a male teacher(35) of the same school, where she got drank and danced, before going to another club.

Then both went to a hotel in the Kuruduwatta neighborhood, rented a room for 6,000 rupees, spent the night together, and returned home the next evening. The female teacher then filed a police report.

The court has been briefed by Kuruduwatta Police that the accused 35 old male teacher was summoned to his residence and his statements were collected. According to his testimony, he did not do anything to her and rented a room to protect her while spending the night with her.

Accordingly, the Kuruduwatta Police have told the court that an inquiry into this incident has been initiated and that the investigation would be undertaken and the facts will be submitted.


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