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weather today

Heavy rains in several areas today – weather announcement.

The Department of Meteorology has predicted isolated rain and thundershowers for the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Central, North-Western, and Northern provinces, as well as the Galle and Matara districts.

CEB suspends the electricity supply to the Television Corporation.

The Ceylon Electricity Board decided to suspend the electricity supply to the National Television Corporation this afternoon due to non-payment of an electricity bill of around 70...

Opening of fixed deposits of senior citizens is stopped.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has issued a circular stopping the opening of new fixed deposits for senior citizens. Accordingly, commercial banks also...
heavy rains in Sri Lanka

Landslide warnings are issued for 3 districts

Landslide warnings have been issued in 3 districts due to the bad weather. According to the National Building Research Organization, landslide warnings have been...

New Schedule of Coastal Railway announced.

The new schedule of the morning office trains operating from the 20th of the Coastal Railway has been announced. Accordingly, from the 20th, the...

Bungee jumps at Colombo Lotus Tower.

The Lotus Tower Management Company signed an agreement today (7) to exhibit the world-famous adventure game 'Bungee Jump' at 'Colombo Lotus Tower' from January next year (2023).
Advanced levels

GCE Advanced Level and Grade 5 Scholarship Exams Postponed.

Commissioner General of Examinations Mr. L. M. D. Dharmasena said that steps had been taken to postpone the GCE Advanced Level Examination (2022) and Grade 5 Scholarship...
Litro gas

Litro Domestic Gas Prices are Reduced.

The price of a 12.5 kg cylinder of Litro domestic gas was decreased by 271 rupees, as announced this morning (5) by Mr. Muditha Peiris, Chairman of...
telecommunication towers

Telephone and Internet charges go up from today(5).

Telecommunication companies have increased service charges again from today (5). The respective companies say they had to raise phone charges due to the government's...
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Another student of Peradeniya University goes missing

Police say that another student of Peradeniya University has gone missing. Accordingly, the police stated that the missing person is a 25-year-old student who...

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Power cut group

Power cut schedule for today(28).

The Public Utilities Commission has announced today (28) how the power cuts will take place. Accordingly, the power to...

A special announcement from the police to vehicle owners.

Senior Superintendent of Police and Advocate Nihal Talduwa says vehicle robberies and thefts are overgrowing across the country. The...
Power cut group

Power cut schedule for today(27)

The Public Utilities Commission has announced today (27) how the power cuts will take place. Accordingly, the power to...