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Drastic Increase of the Cigarettes and Alcohol Prices.

The manufacturers have decided to raise liquor prices starting yesterday (01) midnight. As a result, DCSL has increased the price of the 750 ml...

Power Cut Schedule for Today(03).

The Public Utilities Commission has announced the power cut schedule for today (03). According to the areas, the power to be cut is as...
weather today

Heavy Rains in Several Provinces – Weather forecast

The Department of Met says that there will be occasional rains today in Western, Sabaragamuwa Provinces, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Galle, and Matara districts (3). In some places...
IUSF protest

Warnings to University Students from the Ministry of Higher Edu.

Dr. Suren Raghavan, Minister of State for Higher Education, says that a blacklist of university students involved in various offenses including inhuman bullying and rags will be...

‘Medi Search’ mobile app for purchasing medicines launched!

A mobile phone application has been launched through which a person interested in purchasing a medicine can obtain information about the local pharmacy, the price of that...
Sri Lanka

Many areas of Colombo are now high security zones.

Many places, including 18 buildings of crucial government institutions located in and around Colombo, have been designated as high-security zones after President Ranil Wickramasinghe, in his capacity...
Power cut group

A 12-hours of power cut coming soon?

Janaka Ratnayake, chairman of the Public Utility Commission, stated this afternoon (22) that if coal is not imported for electricity generation, there will be 10- to 12-hour...
Anjana Kulatunga

“If nothing stands in my way, my dead body will be found on the...

The fourth-year student in the Faculty of Arts at Peradeniya University was reported missing on November 16 and November 21, his body was discovered in the Mahaweli...
dead body

A body of a Kandakadu inmate found in a unused dormitory.

A detainee undergoing rehabilitation at the Polonnaruwa Welikanda Kandakadu Rehabilitation Camp was found dead in an empty room, according to the Welikanda Police. During...

A 16-hour water cut for several areas today.

The National Water Board says that the water supply will be suspended in several areas for a period of 16 hours from 8 am today (21).

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Power cut group

Power cut schedule for today(28).

The Public Utilities Commission has announced today (28) how the power cuts will take place. Accordingly, the power to...

A special announcement from the police to vehicle owners.

Senior Superintendent of Police and Advocate Nihal Talduwa says vehicle robberies and thefts are overgrowing across the country. The...
Power cut group

Power cut schedule for today(27)

The Public Utilities Commission has announced today (27) how the power cuts will take place. Accordingly, the power to...