What is droll

Some Wordle players have expressed frustration and even outrage with the word ‘droll,’ claiming that it is too unusual for a Wordle task.

Even players that employ the finest wordle starter words and know a few wordle tactics might struggle to answer some of the more complex and unfamiliar terms that appear on the online word game.

Words like brink, awful, and homer have all created misunderstanding in the past, and a recent wordle was no exception.

On Tuesday, June 28th, the answer for Wordle 374 was ‘droll.’ Many fans despised this word and were unable to solve the wordle challenge.

The meaning of “DROLL”

The Collins dictionary defines droll as “something or someone that is droll is amusing or witty, sometimes in an unexpected way.” In a phrase, this term can appear as “the woman had a droll sense of humor.” This word’s derivatives include interesting, unusual, humorous, or entertaining.

What frustrated wordle players said on social media

“Wordle 374 X/6 Failed today cause I never heard the word! Perils of being a non-native speaker!” said one player.

“Nooooooo! Lost my streak! Wordle 374 X/6,” said one distraught player.

“The streak of 109 in a row comes to an end Wordle 374 X/6,” added another player.

“Wordle 374 X/6 Your thoughts & prayer are appreciated at this difficult time. I will be taking some time to consider my options. I won’t be making any further public comment,” said another player.

SOURCE: womanandhome.com


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