Mawanella police said that thirty-two people were admitted to the Mawanella Base Hospital after a collision between a private bus and an SLTB bus on the 25th at 11.30 in the afternoon in front of Mawanella Anwarama Church on the Kandy-Colombo main road in Mawanella.

The police said that the accident involved a private bus from Kegalle to Kandy and a bus belonging to Mawanella Depot, which was running towards Kegalle, and passengers were traveling on both buses at the time of the accident.

A hospital spokesman said that five of the 32 hospitalized in the accident are in serious condition.

Investigations have revealed that the accident occurred when the driver of the SLTB bus, which was running from Mawanella towards Kegalle, was going to overtake another bus that had stopped without checking. The police also said that both the buses involved in the accident were seriously damaged.


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